Batting Cage Frames

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Frame Comes In 2 Sizes

The 55' Frame has 4 arches and The 70' Frame has 5 arches. We have designed these frames to be stable, while not being over-bearing. 

Kit Advantages - 10' POLES NOT INCLUDED

Buying a kit saves you money. Long poles are bulky and heavy, and therefore expensive to ship. All it takes to complete your frame is a trip to your local hardware store.

Easy Net Attachment

The net easily clips on and off of cables attached to the frame. This makes it easy to take down the net in the winter and easy to put it back up in the spring.

Rust Preventative Treatments

The galvanization process protects your frame from rust. This process gives you maximum protection with no chance of your protective layer chipping off.

Wind Resistant Design

Due to the trapezoidal design, separate cables between arches, and end ropes. This cage will stay up in far harsher weather then other comparable frames.

Offset Design

The net hangs well inside of our frames. This prevents the ball from coming in contact with the poles of the frame. Ball contact to the frame causes damage to the frame and the ball, and could result in dangerous ricochet.