Batting Cage Nets

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Select #60 Twisted Poly Batting Cage Nets

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Twisted Poly Netting

We take strands of polyethylene and twist them together, by twisting the fibers they form a strong round strand. Those strands are then tied together. The combinination of the round strands and the bumpy knots prevents the ball from scraping along the cage causing massive wear.

Long Life Element Proof Treatment

We start with high density polyethylene and then treat it to protect it from the elements. The combination of polyethylene's characteristics and the features of the other molecules make sure your net will not fade, stretch, or otherwise become damaged by the elements and time.

Full Rope Border

By having a full rope border you don't just have a better looking cage, you have a stronger, more durable cage. The ropes provide reinforced points to secure your net to it's frame. The rope borders also help to shape your cage and keep it looking professional. Our batting cages are fully bordered on every side and even have an extra support down the middle to reduce sag.

Long Tie Ropes

With 5 long tie ropes on each end you can minimize the sag in the net and create a professional looking batting cage. With 5 places on each side, you have full control over the batting cage, so you can get it just right.

Entry Door

Entry doors make everyday use of your batting cage easier. No crawling under the net, or leaving your net unsecured so you can get in and out.